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T. telescopium is commonly seen in Indonesia mangroves including in Raja Ampat, on mud, sometimes in the hundreds covering a large area. This large snail has a tall, conical shell strongly reminiscent of an ice cream cone. Features of T. telecospium are 8-15cm. The Operculum of Telescopium is small and circular. The animal is velvety black with a highly extendible proboscis. There is a third eye on its mantle margin, in addition to a pair of eyes at the tentacles. It can stay out of water for long periods of time. Telescopium feeds on detritus and algae from the mud surface at low tide by sucking using its proboscis (Reid et al., 2008).

T. telescopium found in Mangrove and Mud, Batanta Island, Raja Ampat. T. telescopium. Kingdom Animalia. Phylum Mollusca. Class Gastropoda. Order Sorbeoconcha. Family Potamididae. Genus Telescopium.



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