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Actinopyga palauensis found on sand, rocks, seagrass in Waigeo Island, Raja Ampat.

Actinopyga palauensis (Panning, 1944) also called black sea cucumber. It has maximum length 40.0 cm, common length 30.0 cm, maximum published weight: 500 g and body-wall thickness about 0.6 cm. A. palauensis is reef-associated, with depth range 0 - 25 m. Climate area for A. palauensis is tropical, and distributed in Central Pacific.

It was poorly known species. Collected by divers for artisanal fisheries, but not intensively so, as it is found in lower densities and has a deeper distribution than other "blackfish" species. Processed product is not distinguished from those of other Actinopyga species; moderate commercial value (Conand, 1998). Occurs in moderately shallow water; never found on reef flats, but on flagstones of reef slopes, particularly on sand on forereef slopes (Kerr at al., 2006). Populations reach medium densities up to 0.1 per square meter (Conand, 1998).

 It preferred the reef passes and was denser at barrier reef sites. It was also found frequently, at lower densities, on the front slope. Population densities were moderate at only one site (133 ind.ha-1; Table 11), whereas at most sites it was not found at densities greater than 50 ind.ha-1. 

(World Fish Center, 2009)

.Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Echinodermata, Class Holothuroidea, Order Aspidochirotida, Family Holothuriidae, Genus Actinopyga.



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