Outcomes from this project include establishing the Genetics Laboratory of UNIPA as a site for a field station, the digitization of voucher specimens, a project web, and for databases of marine biodiversity. Other outcomes from this research also include a manuscript of Conservation Genetics and a newsletter.

During the first period, research and laboratory equipment have been prepared and some field activities have been conducted. In Educational activities, we already held four workshops or training from June 1, 2012 through April 30, 2013 include the following: 1) Biodiversity, Molecular Ecology and Genetic Conservation, 2) Inventorying Marine Invertebrates and Microbes of Raja Ampat Islands, 3) Molecular Genetic Basics, and 4) Conservation Genetics. These courses had a total 129 participants from some institutions in Manokwari. We also support students field work practice in Raja Ampat along two months.

In Research, we already collected invertebrate specimens included water sample in order to collect bacteria samples. In total, there are 33 species invertebrate that identified in this period. Among them, two species has already analyzed and in preparation of writing article for publication. The researches affair had a total 23 participants from State University of Papua and Brawijaya University. Data base of these specimens have already prepared and will be published in our website. Research related to the one species of invertebrate which was T. gratilla from Raja Ampat has been done by graduate student in Brawjaya University. We also got a new research grant from State Ministry of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia. Beside that we are part of a consortium who won new NSF PIRE award to continue our collaborative biodiversity research in whole Indonesia.

In Publications, we have already published 11 monthly Newsletters Konservasi Biodiversitas Raja4 or Raja Ampat Biodiversity Conservation from June 2012 through April 2013. We also have a website in to socialize this project and other things related by conservations, biodiversity, Raja Ampat, laboratory and field methods. Book manuscript of Diversity and Conservation of Sea Urchin was in press for publication. Two articles have published in national journal. Beside that we were also preparing two articles else to published. We also socialized PEER sciences to all lecturers in UNIPA. The publications affair had a total 17 participants from State University of Papua and Brawijaya University.

Highlights of our first period achievements are listed below.

Discussion working plan of project. We are also launching monthly bulletin Raja Ampat Biodiversity Conservation. I presented paper Comparative Genetic Diversity Pattern of Tripneustes gratilla in the Indonesian Archipelago and Indo-Pacific in Manila, Philippines.

ARMS purchased from US in this month. We attended a conference in Malang, East Java and presented paper Marine Protected Areas Network, a mtDNA studies for Conservation Planning: A case study of Tripneustes gratilla.

Meeting on biodiversity project in Bali. Participants of this meeting are Dr. Zainal Arifin, Msc (Kepala Pusat Penelitian Oseanografi Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia) and Dr. Suharsono (LIPI), Paul Barber, PhD (UCLA), Prof. IGN Mahardika, Aji Anggoro, MSc (Indonesian Biodiversity Research Center), and Celly Catharina (USAID). We presented paper Genetic Diversity Pattern of Tripneustes gratilla in Indonesia at Udayana University, Denpasar-Bali, on August, 2012.

We held a training for Biodiversity, Molecular Ecology and Genetic Conservation workshop. We attended a national seminar (4th Biodiversity National Seminar) and presented paper Keragaman Genetik Tripneustes gratilla di Papua at Airlangga University in Surabaya.

Meeting with researcher of LIPI in Jakarta on October 18, 2012. Participants of this meeting is Prof. Ambariyanto, Prof. IGN Mahardika, with Dr. Ir. Zainal Arifin M.Sc as a host. We launched our website and monthly newsletter of project in the State University of Papua. The address of our web is

Muhammad Dailami attended PEER Financial Workshop in Jakarta on November 20-21, 2012. ARMS arrived in Sorong. We are also preparing manuscript three books that related to our project but not include in our proposal.

  • Toha, A.H.A. Molecular Genetics (Revision Edition). For submission to AlfaBeta Publisher, Bandung. (in Bahasa)
  • Toha, A.H.A., Sumitro, S.B., Hakim, L., Widodo. Diversity and Conservation of Sea Urchin. For submission to publisher. (in Bahasa)
  • Toha, A.H.A., Mahardika, A.P.W. Sea Urchin Tripneustes gratilla. For submission to publisher. (in Bahasa)
  • Workshop Field Work for UNIPA's Students in Manokwari on Desember 19, 2012. As a way of building better capacity for young faculty and students in research, our project had facilitated the faculty and students to join in research in Raja Ampat and Ambon. Four participants (two faculty and two students) are now conducting research with focus on invertebrates and microbes of Raja Ampat. We also got a new research grant from State Ministry of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia. Beside that we are part of a consortium who won new NSF PIRE award to continue our collaborative biodiversity research in whole Indonesia.

    Students run field work in Raja Ampat. Students collected specimens from some area in Raja Ampat. Staffs of Ministry of Research and Technology visit us to monitoring and evaluating our project.

    List Students

    I attended Skill Workshop for Young Indonesian Scientists and Engineers in Surabaya, East Java. Safety test of ARM was run in Denpasar. We already designed a database of the all specimens and will publish in our website.

    There are 33 species have already collected. Two species of them are showing results worthy of publication in national scientific journals. We are now preparing four manuscripts in both national and international journal. A list of papers in preparation for publication includes:

  • Genetic connectivity of sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla in Cenderawasih Bay, Papua-Indonesia. For submission to International journal.
  • Habitat condition of Sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla in Cenderawasih Bay, Papua. Submitted to Berkala Hayati (national journal).
  • Gender of Sea Urchin morphologically. Submitted to Berkala Hayati (national journal).
  • Genetic structure of Lobster Panulirus versicolor in Raja Ampat waters (national journal).
  • The students are also now preparing manuscripts writing of final tasks in supervision with lecturers who have helped as a mentor their researches. A title list of final tasks in preparation for reporting includes in supplementary information.

    I conducted a basic SCUBA certification course in preparation for a Scientific Diving course. The basic SCUBA was conducted in Lembongan-Bali on March 30 through April 3, 2013. We also held Training Genetic Basics on April 10-11, 2013 in Manokwari. Besides that we held general courses about Conservation Genetics. Two articles had published in national journal of Biological Researches. Meanwhile, other article Genetic connectivity of sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla in review of international journal. Manuscript of book Diversity and Conservation of Sea Urchin was reviewed by publisher.

    Open lab for student of senior high-school Manokwari.We are also held focus group discussion in Raja Ampat to talk about conservation and social-cultural in Raja Ampat.

    We collaborate with Warren Wilson College to collecting invertebrate samples of Raja Ampat. In this month, we also sent Masriana, student of Marine science-UNIPA, to attend a training full year in IBRC (Indonesian Biodiversity Research Center) at Bali. In this month, we also attended a meeting in IBRC for talking about ARMS deployment planning in Raja Ampat and Cenderawasih Bay. Tresia S. Tururaja (Lecturer of Marine Sciences), Ida Lapadi and Juliana Leuwakabessy (lecturers of Fisheries) who joining with MB-RAI shall study invertebrates of Raja Ampat. Djumiati Mustiah,SP,MSi., (student of PhD program of Brawijaya University) was also join with our project and study about Eksistensi Nilai-nilai Lokal Pengelolaan Lingkungan Masyarakat dalam pengembangan kampung Wisata. Prof. Sutiman B. Sumitro, Dr. Setijono, Yudistira M.Si, and Purnomo, S.Si (Brawijaya University) and M. Dailami, S.Si Conducted research about plankton of Raja Ampat. Abdul Hamid Toha also attended an International Conference on Marine Sciences Marine Biodiversity and Connectivity for Sustainable Fisheries in Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) at Bogor this month. I presented paper Genetic Diversity and Connectivity of Sea Urchin Tripneustes gratilla in Cenderawasih Bay.

    Our team visited some sites in Raja Ampat to conduct both research and collecting of specimens. There are some students and lecturers who join in this research with vary topics of research.

    We held training handling of whale shark samples for genetic analysis. The trainers of this training are Abdul Hamid Toha and Dr. Hawis Madduppa (IPB). There are 15 participants who coming from IPB, Pattimura University (Mollucas Province), Satya Wiyata Mandala University-Nabire, Cenderawasih Bay National Park-Manokwari, WWF and UNIPA. M. Dailami, MB-RAI staff, got scholarship from Indonesia Government to continue his study in magister program at IPB. Vience S. (graduate student of Brawijaya University) who supported by MB-RAI has finished his study on this month. Our lab also be an advisor for Arif Susanto, Senior High School in Manokwari, to preparation Biology Olympiad event in Jakarta. This month, we held a meeting for supporting collaborative research in Cenderawasih Bay among MB-RAI, WWF-Indonesia, IPB and some departments in UNIPA.

    We held general lecture to student and lecturer UNIPA. The source person of this event is Elisabeth Becking, PhD from UC Berkeley, US. She told about Marine Lake of Indonesia. We also deployed ARMS in Raja Ampat (27 ARMS) and Cenderawasih Bay (15 ARMS). Students of UNIPA conducted coral reef rehabilitation in Lemon Island of Manokwari. We also launched ARMSs posters to publicity planning of our ARMS deployment in Raja Ampat and Cenderawasih Bay. We intend working together with some NGOs and other institutions in both areas.

    Abdul Hamid Toha attended PEER Science participant conference at Bangkok on Oktober 1-4, 2013. MB-RAI with Student Executive Unit of Mathematic and Natural Science Faculty of UNIPA held some events: training on proposal writing for Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Competition for Writing-Poster-Photography, and Open Lab for students.

    MB-RAI and IBRC held training Introduction of Phylogenetic in UNIPA. We also held training on identification and survey methods for student of UNIPA and fishery staff of Manokwari.

    In this month, our team who got grant from National Geographic Society was signed agreement to conduct research. Our students monitored the bioreef that deployed before. MB-RAI and Conservation International-Indonesia teams also deployed other ARMS in Cenderawasih Bay.

    Progress 2014

    Four articles went in fast track Bulletin of Marine Science. Students conducted field work practice in Raja Ampat and in our laboratory (Genetics Laboratory of UNIPA). In this month, our team kept to collect sea cucumber (holothuroidea) and sea grass specimens of Raja Ampat. These specimens will analyze in laboratory based on genetic approaches.

    MB-RAI held general lecture about Coral Reef Bioluminescence: stories about crustaceans, polycaete annelids, echinoderms and fishes by Prof. James G. Morin, emeritus professor from Cornel University. Lecturer of UNIPA attended Training Sea grass in IBRC at Bali. We also held coordination meeting of MB-RAI in UNIPA.

    We presented paper Whale Shark Genetic Study of Cenderawasih Bay in Expose Collaboration Results between UNIPA and WWF-Indonesia in UNIPA on March 13. I also presented paper Prospect and Whale Shark Genetic Study of Cenderawasih Bay and other sites in Indonesia in symposium in Jakarta on March 27. I attended general lecture of Brend Stewart, PhD from Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute, San Diego-California, US at IPB in Bogor on March 30, 2014.

    MB-RAI work together with WWF-Indonesia and IPB held training Bioinformatics and Genetic Analysis for graduate students in IPB at Bogor from May 30, through April 3, 2014.


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