The Team

Teams of scientists from Indonesia and the U.S. will participate in this research at different times of year during Years 1-2 of the project. The members of our team based at UCLA include an ecology and evolutionary biologist with extensive field experience in Raja Ampat and Indonesia in general. Our collaborator at UCLA, Paul H. Barber, has a research program presently organized around several themes, including the evolution of marine biodiversity and marine conservation. In addition, Indonesian scientists based at four major research institutions will also be participating: University of Papua, Lembaga Ilmu Penegetahuan Indonesia (LIPI – the Indonesian Institute of Sciences), Indonesian Biodiversity Research Center - Bali, and Brawijaya University, whose collective areas of interest and expertise encompass the full range of objectives for the project, ensuring that Indonesian counterparts are fully involved in all of our APs and are engaged in addressing all of our specific aims. We will also be working with the support Conservation International-Indonesia, which has field stations in Raja Ampat.

Principal Investigator


US Partners


Education Team

Research Team

  • Aji Anggoro, S.Ik, MSc. (Indonesian Biodiversity Research Center (IBRC-Bali))
  • Dita Cahyani, S.Si, M.Sc. (Indonesian Biodiversity Research Center (IBRC-Bali))
  • Robi Binur, S.Si, M.Si University of Papua
  • M. Takdir, MP University of Papua

Publication Team

  • Muhammad Qomaruddin, S.Si Brawijaya University
  • Jehan Ramdani H., S.Si., M.Si Brawijaya University
  • Fitri Chandra K, S.Si Brawijaya University

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